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email: sales@rbfhealthcare.co.uk

The Bath Buddy Company Ltd   Phone: +44(0)1268 983841

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Who Is RBF Healthcare

At the cutting edge of the industry, RBF Healthcare has been developing award-winning products for more than 20 years. Our ability to fabricate practically any solution has allowed us to develop products that are as essential as they are innovative.

We continually work to hone our capabilities and we now specialise in the fabrication of durable, practical solutions for a wide range of healthcare applications – from flexible mattresses for beds that provide comfort, support and aid in rehabilitation to bathing aids that give end-users the ability to live more independent lives.

As part of the RBF Industries family of companies, we benefit from a rich heritage in creating durable, quality solutions, combined seamlessly with innovation and inspirational ideas that make life simpler. 

To find out more about any of our products, or to discover how RBF Healthcare could help you, simply browse our products or contact us – either by email or on 01268 983842 – our friendly team is ready to help. 

Currently our product portfolio contains:

  • Burnett Vacuum Supports
  • Bath Buddy Bath Lift