RBF Healthcare Ltd   Phone: +44(0)1268 983842

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The Bath Buddy Company Ltd   Phone: +44(0)1268 983841

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Assistive Technology

RBF Healthcare has a new range in the latest generation in assistive...

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Daily Living Aids

A range of aids for daily living available for direct purchase.

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A range of bath lifts and aids for baths and showers

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Burnett Vacuum Supports

Burnett Vacuum Supports a range of mould and hold solutions

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Pressure Care

A range of high risk pressure care products, using latest technology

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A range of seating solutions from riser recliner to full postural support

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A range of aids for positioning in therapy inc. adductors & abductors

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Stair Lifts

Stair Lifts



The Anglia sheet is a discrete patient evacuation mattress glide sheet

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All dimensions and specifications mentioned above are subject to change at the discretion of RBF Healthcare without prior notice.